1 Month Later…

Today’s workout concluded my first four weeks of Crossfit and paleo. While I haven’t been blogging throughout the past month, I have continued going to the gym 3x a week and mainly sticking with paleo (recipes below). One interesting thing has happened throughout my month of Crossfit/paleo: I gained weight. The first week, I lostContinue reading “1 Month Later…”

Whole30: Misconceptions and Concerns

There are many misconceptions about what a paleo/Whole30 diet means – and those misconceptions can lead to your friends, family members, and coworkers expressing genuine concern about your new, “drastic” diet. Here are a few points I run into each time I restart paleo (and how to quell them): Eliminating entire food groups means youContinue reading “Whole30: Misconceptions and Concerns”

Whole30: Cravings and Addiction

I’m writing this post from the inside of a McDonald’s – there are trays of cookies, “coffee” drinks with more chocolate/caramel than actual coffee, and burgers that are disgusting while also addictive (and would definitely satisfy this intense craving I’ve been having for cheese and bread). But, I’m sitting here with a black coffee andContinue reading “Whole30: Cravings and Addiction”