Whole30: The First Few Days

Honestly, detoxing from sugar sucks. The first week of the Whole30 are not particularly pleasant; I’ve already experienced headaches, restlessness, and extremely intense cravings (particularly when watching movies). Knowing that I’m going to feel much better in a week helps immensely with making good choices – particularly in a grocery store with Christmas cookies halfContinue reading “Whole30: The First Few Days”

Whole30 #2: Pre-work

The Whole30 is a hardcore paleo/elimination diet that lasts thirty days; it’s used to clean up your eating, establish better habits and relationships with food, and discover which (if any) intolerances or allergies you have with a variety of food groups. The challenge essentially consists of eating lean meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds forContinue reading “Whole30 #2: Pre-work”