I’m a recent transplant from snowy, frigid Columbus, Ohio to the frozen tundra of Chicago. I like reading, any form of caffeine I can get my hands on, and learning as much as humanly possible.

Dying to read my nearly-nonexistent tweets? Wanna laugh at my Facebook memes? Maybe you’re more interested in my professional background or get snarky with my Instagram captions.

This is me.

5 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thought I would say hello. I found your blog through Cbusr and was excited to see that you just finished the Whole30 and are blogging about it. I am doing the 10 day Challenge that restricts sugar & caffeine (a very lite version of Whole30, which I did last Summer too).
    I have heard so many great things about you from our mutual now West Coast friend Kat R and am happy I found your blog.

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